I must confess that I had always been a Windows user, until I started working and came across OS X. From that moment on, I became, like so many others, a loyal follower of this operating system.

Microsoft has presented last Wednesday its new bet to continue innovating in the development of its Windows operating system.

We want Windows 10 to be the most loved Windows launch Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at the presentation.

Below are six of the features that caught my eye. They may work as a way to understand the new functions presented by Microsoft:

  1. Updates from Windows 7 and 8 as well as Windows Phone 8.1 will be free during the first year from launch.
  2. The start menu has been kept since its recovery in the version 8.1 of Windows. It will have a modern appearance; on the left side it will present the traditional menu, while on the right the “Tiles” that Windows 8 made popular, will display.
  3. Continuum is an interesting feature; it’s a function that will allow a tablet to be used as if it were a PC when a mouse and keyboard are plugged in, and to continue using it as a tablet if no such devices are plugged in.
  4. Cortana comes to face Siri and Google Now; it comes to all Windows 10 devices. To followers of the HALO franchise the name may look familiar. It makes reference to the artificial intelligence that accompanies HALO’s “Master Chef”. If it weren’t enough, the name of the new browser replacing Internet Explorer is “PROJECT SPARTAN”. Spartan, in this video game franchise makes reference to the “chosen” by means of an indicator in their DNA, which made them fit for the “PROJECT SPARTAN”.
  5. Windows 10 in tablets and telephones, with new work and entertainment applications, like Office, for touchscreen devices and integration to SKYPE, offering SMS functionality.
  6. The new X BOX operating system promises to generate a more social and interactive environment through its own X BOX videogame console application. Users can have their own activity feed, share advances, friends lists, message zone and an area where the most recent games are shown. A very interesting particularity is the possibility to play through “streaming”. What does that mean? X Box One users can send the games they already have to other Windows 10 devices to play.

No launch date has been announced for this new version of the operating system; however, I perceive an important bet on the video game market, attractive functionalities that will come to create a new culture and environment among “Gamers”.

I believe some of the features have based on the latest version of the Yosemite OS X system, but let’s not disregard that very interesting things are being proposed and without any doubt they will innovate and continue to change the way in which we interact with technology.

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