When it comes to layout an email, we must consider many aspects so that it can be visualized in the best possible way.

When we talk about modeling an email, it can be heard as an easy task, however, it really is not, there are more than 30 email clients in the market, most of them using different rendering engines.

The layout of html templates for emails, should be done in the old fashion, with online styles, and tables, to mention two basic aspects, not even talk about wonderful backgrounds that will make the design look phenomenal.

A very important aspect today, is that our templates must be responsive, according to statistics, more than 50% of e-mail openings are made on mobile devices, this can make the difference between an email campaign Successful and a failure.

On the other hand, as designers or developers, our time is very valuable, we have websites to design and develop, codes to test and products to deliver, we have campaigns to send, reports to deliver and the task of testing our layout of mail templates Is a difficult and arduous task, with the large number of different email clients out there.

That's why I propose the following list of free template resources for your next email marketing campaign. They comply with the most up-to-date guidelines and of course, everyone is responsive.



The tool that you should definitely know if you want to carry out email marketing campaigns, provides you with a good and excellent amount of information and good practices, plus free templates where you can start creating amazing campaigns.



A large number of free templates await you, for different campaigns, responsive, great and tested on different mail clients using the Litmus tool.



They provide 33 html templates for free, all the layouts are for the Campaign Monitor tool.



Remember that there are more than 30 email clients out there that we need to worry about when trying out our email marketing campaigns?

Litmus, an incredible tool, offers us the possibility to test our templates on a large number of email clients, which will allow us to make adjustments and be completely sure that our campaigns will be successful.