What is Firebase?

Firebase is a mobile platform that allows you to quickly develop high quality apps, increase your user base among many other things.

Firebase contains complementary functions that you can combine and adapt to your needs.

Firebase is a set of tools that allow you to create your Backend in the cloud, in other words, Firebase is a BaaS (Backend as a Service). Among the main functions are:

  1. Analytical
    • Observe your users' behavior and measure different attributes
  2. Cloud messaging
    • Delivers and receives messages across different platforms securely
  3. Authentication
    • Features to manage and authenticate your users in a few lines of code
  4. Real-time databases
    • Store and sync your app information in real time
  5. Storage
    • Store your files easily
  6. Hosting
    • Deliver web content faster
  7. Remote Setup
    • Customize your app on the go
  8. Testing laboratory
    • Do your tests in the laboratory, not with your users
  9. Failure reports
    • Keep your app flawless and stable
  10. Notifications
    • Attract your users at the right time
  11. Indexing your app
    • Drive organic traffic to your app
  12. Dynamic links
    • Send users to the right place within your app
  13. Invitations
    • Empower your users to share your app
  14. AdWords
    • Acquire users with the power of Google

Best of all, you can use all these functions on different platforms, such as iOS, Android and Web through a very intuitive and easy to use API.

Another advantage of this platform is that you can use most of the functions through a free layer, and as you progress your project you can scale without problems.