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Check-In System with HTML5 and Javascript

I developed this system for the marketing department of a hotel group.

They wished to have a better control and record of their entrance time and the availability to check if they were wearing the uniform of the day. As a rule of the department, they had a fee to pay if they were late at the morning, and another if they were not wearing the corresponding uniform, so the person in charge of this rule every day was checking the system.


Working on a touch screen, swipe a card to create a check-in, every time a check-in is made a photo is taken using the webcam (Navigator.getUserMedia) of the computer to verify if the person was using the corresponding uniform, if the person is late a charge occurs, the administrator can make a charge if the person is not wearing the corresponding uniform, he analyzes the photo taken at the moment of the check-in, the administrator can register payments of each user, reports and check the logs of every check-in.